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The Story

Whitewater Brewing Company was founded by three good friends in 2011 on the banks of The Mighty Ottawa River. The three of us have had many adventures that have taken us from the incredible rivers of Ontario & Quebec to the mountains fed creeks of British Columbia, from the deep canyons of the Colorado River, to the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. One constant that has remained strong throughout this journey is our return to the heart of the Ottawa Valley to share our great adventures with great friends.

Our epiphany came on a rafting trip: The Ottawa Valley was already home to some of the best natural ingredients involved in creating true hand-crafted beer, as well as great people deserving of a local beer to share with friends. Whitewater Brewing Company was conceived. The next three and a half years took a lot of hard work, learning and living out of vehicles to get to where we are today.

My friend, you are now a part of the story, it’s time for you and our beer to tell the rest.

Fill with mingled cream and amber,
I will drain that glass again.
Such hilarious visions clamber
Through the chamber of my brain.
Quaintest thoughts, queerest fancies
Come to life and fade away.
What care I how time advances:
I am drinking ale today.

Edgar Allan Poe

Brewed by friends, for friends

James Innes, Chris Thompson & Chris Thompson

Whitewater Brewing Company believes in the pursuit of the ultimate balance between work and play. Our adventures live on through the stories we share with the good people we surround ourselves with. We recognize the important role that good beer plays in sharing these moments, so we work hard to carefully nurture a hand crafted beer using the highest quality ingredients brewed under small batch conditions. The result is a variety of beers worthy of the adventurous spirit inside us all. Whitewater Beer is brewed by friends, for friends.

Whitewater Beer
As Wild as the Rapids

Taste the whitewater

At Whitewater Brewing Company, we care about what our friends drink, and therefore we care about what goes into our beer. Using just the traditional four ingredients (water, malted barley, hops and yeast), we carefully brew our unfiltered beer over a two week period, allowing the beer to condition and naturally clarify.  The only style that we add a little something else to is our Oatmeal Stout…..and guess what that might be!

We also care about where our beer comes from. We do our best to source everything as locally as possible. Currently our grain is from within Ontario and our leaf hops are found growing just twenty minutes away. We don’t chemically adjust our water which although means that the flavour may vary slightly as the water profile does, it is as natural as it gets (don’t panic, we check that its safe!).



ABV: 5%     IBU: 22

This blonde is proud of its roots. A selection of pale malted barley infuses with locally farmed hops to create a beer that is an eye-opener on a hot summer’s day. Light, yet defined flavours instil a sense of the hard work and drive for quality that has gone into this blonde.

Served in the hayloft, it is best drank with shirts off.

Whistling Paddler

ABV: 4.5%     IBU: 36

Whistling Paddler was inspired by the moment when you come to realize that you’ve managed to leave all the concerns of the “real world” behind. With smooth notes of chocolate barley accompanied by a local cascade hop melody, that moment, and this beer, will catch you by surprise and make you think… Life is good!


ABV: 5.5%     IBU: 72

Don’t let the smooth appearance of this Class V IPA fool you. The hidden dangers are only found at the point of no return when the intense bitterness of this seemingly calm beer hits the back of your tongue. A light combination of malted barley, coupled with the citrus aroma of both Cascade and Centennial hops mean that Class V IPA is only for the experienced beer drinker.


ABV: 4.5%     IBU: 30

Stout is kayaker lingo for what most folk would call “really darned good.”  Midnight is a “stout” time to go for a paddle.  Our midnight stout captures the essence of a moonlit paddle with its rich, dark taste balanced with a hoppy bitterness and oatmeal body that furthers the intensity of this bold beer.



ABV: 5.5%     IBU: 43

This Double Chocolate, Vodka and Wintergreen Porter keeps Jack Frost at bay, or it seems so anyway!


Jacked Rabbit

ABV: 6.5%     IBU: 95

This hoppy guy is jacked up on espresso that has been cold steeped for 16 hours and has been sourced from The Neat Cafe and the Madawaska Coffee Company. A full malt base is well complimented by Cascade, Centennial and Nugget hops which are mellowed by the smooth blend of espresso.

Perfect in our Breakfast Sized Growlers!

Four different beers
Four great experiences

"Where can I purchase Whitewater Beer?"
You ask...

Wilno Tavern
Murray Street
Wilf & Ada's
Cheshire Cat
Hintonburg Public House
Wellington Gastro Pub
Wilderness Tours
JJ's Restaurant & Tap
Rocky Mountain House
The Black Tomato
Mount Pakenham
Bear's Dean
Bistro 900
Coco Jarry's
Santa Fe
Thirsty Beaver
Union 613
Arrow & Loon
East Side Marios
The Nook Crêperie Inc.
25 West
Sands on Golden Lake
You can also pick up a new growler and refill your old ones right at the brewery.
Opening Times
Monday-Thursday 10am – 6pm
Friday 10am – 8pm
Saturday Noon – 8pm
Sunday Noon – 6pm

Whitewater Friends

Whitewater Brewing Company has many friends. Please check out the websites of some of our friends below as well as many pictures sent in by our customers enjoying one of our beers.

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